What does a three-layer insulated wire refer to?

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  Triple Insulated Wire,also known as triple insulated wire,is a high-performance insulated wire newly developed internationally in recent years.This type of wire has three insulation layers,with a core wire in the middle.The first layer is a golden colored polyamide film,known as the"golden film"in foreign countries.Its thickness is several micrometers,but it can withstand pulse high voltage of lkV;The second layer is a high insulation paint coating;The third layer(outer layer)is a transparent fiberglass layer.The total thickness of the insulation layer is only 20-100μm。The three-layer insulated wire is suitable for high-tech and national defense fields,making micro motor windings and high-frequency transformer windings for miniaturized switching power supplies.Its advantage is high insulation strength(any two layers can withstand a safe voltage of 3000VAC),without the need for a barrier layer to ensure safe edge distance,and without the need to wrap insulation tape layers between stages;High current density.The volume of high-frequency transformers wound with it can be reduced by half compared to those wound with enameled wire.The texture of the three-layer insulation wire is tough and needs to be heated to 200-300℃to become soft for winding.After winding,the coil can automatically form when it encounters cold.
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