Enameled stranded wire

  Enameled stranded wire

  Enamelled stranded wire,also known as Litz wire(derived from German Litz),is an electromagnetic wire made by twisting multiple strands of enameled single wire.Enamelled twisted wire can effectively reduce the"skin effect"in high-frequency applications and reduce high-frequency current loss.Compared to single stranded wires with the same cross-sectional area,enameled stranded wires can reduce impedance,increase conductivity,improve efficiency,and reduce heat generation,while also having better flexibility.Widely used in high-frequency applications such as transformers and coils,electronic components.

  Product Range:

  Number of shares:2-36000 shares(different specifications,based on cross-sectional area)

  Completed outer diameter range:0.1-10mm

  Cross sectional area:larger 50mm²

  Enamelled single wire(nominal diameter of conductor):0.020~0.50mm

  Type of enameled single wire:All varieties of enameled wire

  Number of strands:10-1200Ts/m,corresponding strand length:100-0.83mm

  Twisting direction:"S"or"Z",S=clockwise,Z=counterclockwise

  特性:  characteristic:

  Single wires can be arranged in color order without confusion.

  High elastic wire can be added in the middle of the stranded wire,with high tensile strength.

  All self-made enameled single wires are used,with reliable product quality and guaranteed delivery time.

  Identification Description:


  Network connectors,hearing aids,smart cards,induction heating,electromagnetic components,power and wireless transmission,high-frequency transformers,ultrasonic generators.

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