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A Manufacturing Method of High Speed Stranded Wire Device for Enameled Round Copper Wire

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  1.This utility model relates to the technical field of enameled wire stranded wire devices,in particular to a high-speed stranded wire device for enameled round copper wires.

  2.Twisted wire is achieved by twisting a single wire around the axis of the twisted wire at an equal angular speed and moving the twisted wire forward at a uniform speed.There are two commonly used types:copper and aluminum.Copper and aluminum wires can be twisted into wire cores of various specifications,cross-sections,and types of wires and cables.

  3.The method of stranding is to use enameled wire to pass through the twisting bow on the stranding machine,and the twisting bow moves in a circular motion to spiral the individual wires together.However,due to the inherent toughness of the enameled wire,if there is no adhesive between the wire and the wire after the stranding is completed,it is easier to scatter or twist,which is not conducive to long-term use and preservation.

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