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Is there anything special about the enameled stranded wire with multiple strands of enameled wire?

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  Good softness

  When an untwisted parallel harness twists and turns,when the outer single line of the harness is stretched,the outer single line of the harness is stretched,and the inner single line is tightened.Both of them resist the twists and turns,and during the process of twisting and straightening,each single line undergoes a twisting deformation.When the stranded wire twists and turns,because each single wire is wound in a spiral shape around the circumference of the stranded wire,when the stranded wire twists and turns,each single wire is stretched and compressed together,and the compressed part moves towards the stretched part.Only by overcoming the conflict when the single wire moves,this conflict force is much smaller than the resistance caused by single wire twists and turns in parallel harnesses.

  The smaller the pitch of twisted wires of the same specification,the shorter the single line movement distance when twisted,the smaller the collision force,and the softer the twisted wire;The more strands with the same cross-sectional area,the softer the strand.The number of single wires of the first,second,fifth,and sixth types with the same cross-section in accordance with GB/T3956 increases in sequence,and their flexibility also increases in sequence.

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