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  1.What is membrane wrapping line

  Membrane coated wire,also known as Mylar,is a transliteration of"Mylar"and is the world's earliest PET film successfully developed and industrialized by DuPont in the United States.Membrane coated wire is made by adding a layer or multiple layers of Mylar film to the outer edge of LITZ wire and enameled stranded wire,which increases the insulation voltage of the wire and also plays a shielding role,which can replace silk wrapped wire.

  2.The Structure of Membrane Wrapping Wire

  Membrane wrapped wire is an electromagnetic wire that is coated with a synthetic film or other material film as an insulation layer on the surface of a wire or enameled stranded wire at a certain overlap rate.Our company's membrane wrapped wire has two internal coating methods,and different requirements require different outer membranes.The scenarios for using different outer membranes are also different.Our company's designed membrane wrapped wire structure is shown in the following figure,and its structure is as follows:

  1.Four layer insulation wire:PET+PET+PA+PET tape(CT-280B/CT-285)

  2.Four layer insulation wire:ETFE+ETFE+ETFE+tape

  3.High temperature insulation wire:polyurethane+PI tape(brown)

  3.Characteristics of Membrane Wrapping Wire

  Membrane wrapped wire has multiple high-quality characteristics

  1.Good high-frequency performance.

  2.Good resistance to high temperature and high pressure.

  3.Good softness and strong resistance to mechanical stress.

  4.It has good waterproof and insulation oil resistance,and is suitable for use in sealed environments.

  5.The heat-resistant temperature and voltage are 130℃(Class B)&155℃(Class F)

  6.Insulation strength reaches 6KV/5MA/1Min

  7.The friction coefficient is 1.4-4.13 times higher than that of ordinary insulated wires.

  8.The insulation coefficient is better than that of ordinary insulation wires,and the production design can reduce primary and secondary barriers.

  4.Application Fields and Scenarios of Membrane Wrapping Wire

  Due to its high temperature resistance and insulation,it is widely used in the fields of high-frequency transformers,high-power transformers,magnetic rings,such as medical equipment,inverters,high-frequency inductors and transformers,wireless chargers,etc.

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