Silk covered wire

silk covered wire

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  Silk wrapped wire refers to an electromagnetic wire made by wrapping natural silk or fiber silk(nylon,polyester fiber,natural silk,self-adhesive wire,etc.)outside a wire or enameled stranded wire as an insulation layer.


  Polyester silk wrapped thread

  Electromagnetic wrapped wire using polyester as wrapping material.The characteristic of polyester wrapped wire is its direct solderability.In use,there is no need for sand heads,which can be directly welded,avoiding false welding caused by uneven sand heads and improving welding quality.Its insulation performance,high-frequency performance,heat resistance,etc.are all higher than those of silk wrapped wires.This product has undergone multiple tests and its Q value and inductance value L are higher or equal to the same type of imported polyester filament.Polyester yarn is a chemical fiber product with abundant resources and a price 70%lower than natural silk.Polyester wrapped wire is a promising electromagnetic wire product.

  Glass fiber wrapped wire

  Round copper wire wrapped with alkali free glass wire impregnated with alkyd resin paint,and glass wire wrapped with flat copper wire can be used in motor and electrical winding.Glass fiber wrapped wire has the following models:SBEC double glass fiber wrapped round copper wire,SBECB double glass fiber wrapped flat copper wire,QQSBC:single glass fiber wrapped high-strength acetal enameled round wire,QZSBC:single glass fiber wrapped high-strength polyester enameled round wire.

  The operating temperatures of the four types of silk wrap wires mentioned above are 125℃for QQSBC,135℃for QZSBC,and 150℃for SBEC and SBECB,respectively.

  Features and Applications

  Compared to bare wire,silk wrapped wire increases insulation strength,reduces surface temperature,and increases the"Q"value.Silk wrapped wire also has the same characteristics as enameled stranded wire.It is widely used in antenna inductors,high-power lighting systems,video equipment,ultrasonic equipment,high-frequency inductors,and transformers.

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